Your Eye Test

Your Eye Test at Tracy Vanderplank Opticians will comprise three stages:

  • pre-testing - including measuring your intra-ocular pressures and assessing your visual field;
  • refraction – essentially measuring your prescription; and
  • eye examination - to assess the health of your eyes and certain aspects of your general health.

You will also be offered the opportunity to have an Optomap image of your retina. An Optomap ultra-widefield retinal image can facilitate early protection from visual impairment or blindness and can also provide early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions such as cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.  

At Tracy Vanderplank Opticians we allow a full 45 minutes for an Eye Test. This ensures that there is sufficient time for proper discussion of your history and any particular issues or concerns that you may have and, of course, for a comprehensive Eye Test.

Every aspect of your Eye Test at Tracy Vanderplank Opticians will be carried out by a qualified Optometrist, including pre-testing and dispensing of glasses or contact lenses.